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On this page, you are provided with the following three items of information for people who want to learn Japanese.

Japanese Language Programs offered by the Center for International Education and Exchange (CIEE), Osaka University

CIEE Japanese Language Programs – CIEE Center for International Education and Exchange

Japanese language classes and study-support systems (such as volunteers and tutors) offered by the university’s facilities other than CIEE

Tandem Learning Project: Graduate School of Letters
In Tandem Learning you will be paired up with someone who is 1) proficient in the language you are learning and 2) learning a language you are proficient in, making it possible for you to learn from each other.
OCJP(Oral Communications in Japanese for International Researchers): Research Center for Nuclear Physics
Program to learn oral Japanese skills for Japanese beginners. Not only students and researcher but also their families can join the program.
Takenoko Nihongo Table: Takenoko Nihongo Koryukai
Nihongo Table is an opportunity for international researchers, students and their spouses in which you can meet people living in this neighborhood and enjoy Japanese learning and communication.
Machikane Nihongo Table: Machikane Nihongo Koryukai
This class is Japanese NIHONGO table for Osaka University international students, researchers and their spouses, organized by the volunteer group of citizens “Machikane Nihongo Koryukai”.

Japanese language classes conducted in neighboring areas outside the university